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This is probably the last of the selfies I’ll be posting for a while.


More self portraits


I’ll be posting a ton of selfies.

Selfie batch #1 by Brandi Germana



Disney princess in haute couture


Metal Decals: What they are, and tips for using them in your nail art!

Metal decals are a pretty cool way to accessorize and customize your nails because they share the intricate designs of nail stickers but are WAY more bling and cool to look at, besides being relatively simple to work with. 

They are made of a very soft, thin metal, can be used on acrylic nails or natural nails, and are usually pretty small in size (below 5mm or 2/8”). At this point, I’ve never seen colors other than silver and gold. 


They’re very affordable (120 pieces in a mixed set usually cost no more than about US$2.50 - 2.99) and come in tons of different shapes.


  • If you’re just trying them out and don’t NEED to get the hello kitty inspired ones I used, I’d recommend skipping the shipping cost and buying a mixed pack from bornprettystore or lightinthebox.
  • If you can’t IMAGINE not using hello kitty metal decals and don’t mind paying shipping, then I’d point you to reputable sellers on good ol’ ebay who ship internationally.

How To Use:


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